Google Summer of Code

Pidgin has been involved in the Google Summer of Code for many years since it was started. This section contains a running list of project ideas as well as some documentation on our participation for the years we participated.

If you’re a student and interested in Pidgin please feel free to drop in to If you don’t have an XMPP account, check out our PidginChat XMPP Service.

Project Ideas

You can find our current list of ideas on the Ideas page. If you have any ideas, feel free to email the mailing list or open a pull request.

Instructions for Applications

We have some detailed directions on how to make yourself stand out from the crowd on the instructions page.

Previous Years


Project Student Mentor Status
Account Creation Assistant Prateek Pardeshi Gary Kramlich Incomplete
History API James Culver Gary Kramlich Open Merge Request


Project Student Mentor Status
Port libpurple changes from Instantbird Abel Serrano Juste (akronix) Florian Quèze Unfinished
Rewrite chat log backend and frontend Igor Gajowiak (igor.g) Tomek Wasilczyk unknown
Facebook Messenger Protocol for libpurple James Geboski Eion Robb Merged 3.0
XMPP prpl improvements Koosha Khajehmoogahi Eion Robb Needs work
Maintenance hero Michael McConville (mmcc) Ethan Blanton Merged 3.0
Google Hangouts Plugin: Protocol Implementation Nakul Gulati Etan Reisner Unfinished


Project Student Mentor Status
File Transfer Improvements Ashish Gupta Mark Doliner GTalk FT Pending Review
Easy Plugins Website Bhaskar Kandiyal Eion Robb Community bonding
Quail - A QT client for libpurple Phil Hannent Elliott Sales de Andrade ​View status blog
GObjectification Ankit Vani Ethan Blanton Merged


Project Student Mentor Status
libpurple on Android Michael Zangl Mark Doliner Cleaning up
Pidgin Plugin Website Nikhil Bafna Kevin Stange Never Started
Usage Statistic Collection ​Sanket Agarwal Eion Robb ​, finished but not merged
​Gadu-Gadu protocol plugin improvements Tomasz Wasilczyk Ethan Blanton Merged


Project Student Mentor Status
Improving the ICQ implementation in Pidgin Ivan Komarov Mark Doliner Merged
Better chat log viewer Adam Fowler Daniel Atallah Project wasn’t completed.
Detachable libpurple sessions Gilles Bedel Ethan Blanton Waiting for 3.0.0; needs work
MSN-prpl refactor and SLP rewrite Jorge Villaseñor Salinas Elliott Sales de Andrade Merged


Project Student Mentor Status
Telepathy prpl Felix Kerekes Will Thompson Unknown
Windows GUI (High-level Toolkit) Wade Fagen Sadrul Chowdhury Unknown
Privacy Rewrite Sulabh Mahajan Ethan Blanton Waiting 3.0.0; Needs Work
Struct Hiding and GObjectification Eric Polino ​Gary Kramlich WIP
Vulture (lower-level Windows GUI) Gregor Dick John Bailey Incomplete
XMPP Transport Jan Kaluza Etan Reisner Development continues out-of-tree at ​
​Webkit Support Arnold Noronha Sean Egan Merged


Project Student Mentor Status
Finch spell checking and window manager Mark Schneider Sadrul Habib Chowdhury Unknown
LibPurple theme manager and Pidgin interface improvements Justin Rodriguez ​Gary Kramlich Merged
Master password support Vivien Bernet-Rollande Richard Laager Merged
Improving Yahoo! Implementation of libpurple Sulabh Mahajan Mark Doliner Merged
Voice and video support Mike Ruprecht Sean Egan Merged
Improving XMPP support ​Tobias Markmann Etan Reisner Merged


Project Student Mentor Status
MonoLoader Eoin Coffey Gary Kramlich Merged
MySpaceIM Protocol Plugin? Jeffrey Connelly Sean Egan Merged
Remote Logging Michael Shkutkov Richard Laager Waiting 3.0.0; Needs Work
Certificate Manager William Ehlhardt Ethan Blanton Merged
Finch Improvements Eric Polino Sadrul Habib Chowdhury Unknown
Virtual Classroom over Pidgin Prekshu Ajmera Richard Laager Unknown
Stabilize and improve MSN support Carlos Silva Mark Doliner Unknown
Telepathy Will Thompson ​Robert McQueen Telepathy Haze


Project Student Mentor Status
Curses-based Gaim using libgaim Sadrul Habib Chowdhury Evan Schoenberg Merged
MSN protocol update Ma Yuan Sean Egan Merged
Contact Availability Prediction Geoffrey Foster Mark Doliner Merged
Improving Gaim’s Logging Capabilities Brian Chu Richard Laager Merged
QQ Support for Gaim/Adium Mark Huetsch Timothy Thomas Ringenbach Merged
Performance enhancement Aaron Sheldon Ethan Blanton Merged


Project Student Mentor Status
Implement UPnP NAT Traversal Adam Warrington Sean Egan Merged
Gadu-Gadu Support Bartosz Oler Ethan Blanton Merged
Music Messaging Christian Muise Gary Kramlich Merged
OSCAR File Transfers Jonathan Clark Mark Doliner Merged
Rendezvous Plugin Juanjo Molinero Horno Mark Doliner Merged
D-Busified gaim-remote Piotr Zielinski Sean Egan Merged
SIP/SIMPLE/STUN support Thomas Butter Ethan Blanton Merged

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